Everything You Need To Know About Miss Vickie's

Everything You Need To Know About Miss Vickie's

Even though being a healthy part of our diet, our daily snacking options remain the add-ons to ponder before imbibing a regular consumption habit. Directly influencing our health and happiness, incorporating snacking into our daily diet contributes to high-energy intake, leading to increased body weight, weak metabolism, and the risk of losing important nutrients. Yes, it is unwanted weight gain if portions or frequency of snacking is the mainstream put-in quaffing excessive calories and letting you think twice the next time you are to munch the crunch! 

The more pertinent question here is, are these snacking options really unnecessary? Will they never let you maintain healthy blood sugar levels? Actually, they surely were until you met Miss Vickie’s! Say hello to your tangy snack buddy! Yes, here comes your alternative snack option that’s ready to beat the unhealthy fried potato chips and replace them with what’s kettle cooked!


Explore Miss Vickie’s- The Secret Sauce To A Healthy And Stress-Free Munching Time

Miss Vickie's Healthy Potato Chips - Basketry Place

We for long have been busy consuming the unhealthy and thinking that the ultimate way to stay fit is just exercising but at the same time not restricting poor eating habits! Never ready to accept that we fail to match the standards of a healthy dietary and snacking routine, we continue to harp about their advantages and keep consuming those unhealthy fried potato chips in some way or another. Time to replace those with the savory and delight of that kettle-cooked. Fried in batches, dipped and swirled around in hot oil for longer periods until they're crunchier and caramelized to a deeper color. 


Richer, crunchier, healthier, and easily digestible, the magic of the thicker, more motley, and crispy snacking choices separates them from the traditional ingrained potato chips! 

At Basketry Place, we let you meet our bag of chips loaded with potatoes garnished with galvanic flavors that are handpicked from our farm, especially for you!


Unfolding The Real Good

Would you still like to go forward snacking the unhealthy, detrimental to your V-shaped chassis, or would you rather try a mother’s invention coming straight from her backyard? Her backyard? Is the backyard the real reason behind the taste so fascinating? Let’s take you through the story from where it all flourished!


The Untold Story

Miss Vickie's Kettle Cooked Flavored Potato Chips - Basketry Place

Ever so beguiling, the journey to where it all started and made this iconic Canadian brand so popular throughout the continent is truly fixating. Miss Vickie’s indeed was a real person who started making potato chips on her farm in Ontario. She took her mother’s recipe and added peanut oil to the cooking process, resulting in what we consider the modern Miss Vickie’s original potato chips. Perhaps, the true knit between those captviating flavors that inspires the snack admirers who owe it to themselves to try at least a few variants and to explore the many Miss Vickie’s chips flavours.

With all put on a palette and even though the choice being yours, what we at Basketry Place have is a classic range of Miss Vickie’s munchy delicacies that will leave you in awe! Try a hand at our kettle-cooked flavored potato chips for a guaranteed refreshment! Some of the best handpicked from our scintillating collection are detailed below!

a) Miss Vickie's Flavored Potato Chips, Jalapeno

b) Miss Vickie's Flavored Potato Chips, Salt & Vinegar

c) Miss Vickie's Smokehouse BBQ Flavored Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

d) Miss Vickie's Sea Salt Potato Chips, Original

These treats let you focus on healthy snacking when long durations of breaks between meals can cause you to overeat during your primary meals. So, hungry and still need to wait for mealtime? Go ahead, grab your favorite all-natural kettle-cooked potato chips. Time to relish the thick cut and extra crunchy, made with specially selected farm-grown potatoes.

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