What Is The Difference Between Kettle-Cooked And Regular Potato Chips? Which Is Better For Daily Snacking?

What Is The Difference Between Kettle-Cooked And Regular Potato Chips? Which Is Better For Daily Snacking?

Munching the crunch of something that could wreak havoc? A seismic degradation to health and that too with badly affected taste buds? Despite the health problems, those passable snacking options say for instance regular potato chips become an easily accessible snack every time you sit down munching! Would you not be up in arms against what you eat, or rather would stay cheerful and hopeful, keeping your chin up and waiting for the real healthy alternatives that are your go-to munching companions? Wait no more, as we are here to make you learn more about the healthy and sumptuous alternatives in the form of those kettle-cooked chips all set to take you by surprise.

Gone are those days when all you had in the name of those regular potato chips were lackluster, tasteless, and flavorless potato chips that would make you suffer impoverished and debased health standards in all means and methods. Snack was never a part of our healthcare regime with our munchy buddies considered to be a bane than a boon to our health. How those were made marked the real difference from how they are made today, which is what lets you get the extra crunch, a priceless taste, and a mesmerizing delicacy to sit, relax and unwind with.

Kettle-cooked or regular chips-A tryst with better taste and health

It is the beauty of the kettle-cooked now that is made in batches and not in continuity which was the method followed earlier. With a personality, flavor, and texture much superior, your tangy munch buddy has surpassed all expectations pioneering the snack industry. Let us now look at some of the best in the kettle-cooked category that has been the real catalyst behind an essence as lavish and serene as the heavenly abode. The article further does a ground-zero comparison of the kettle-cooked and regular ones demarcating clear distinctions and thus letting users know why kettle-cooked is the best bet!

1) One Processed In Batches And The Other In Continuity

Miss Vickie's Jalapeno Flavored Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
The major difference between the two is how they are made. Kettle-cooked chips are made in batches, while regular chips are made in a continuous process. The bottom line is they are both still fried in oil. What makes the kettle-cooked different and heartier than the traditional potato chips, is that they are way better than just being those flimsy potato disks. Produced in batches, kettle-cooked chips have personality, flavor, and texture, better than their frail counterparts.

2) Kettle-Cooked A Pre-Industrial Pedigree

Miss Vickie's Salt & Vinegar Flavored Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
Fried in batches and not in continuity, it is not a conveyer belt like continuous process, kettle chips have a pre-industrial pedigree. Dunk a bunch, take them out, dunk a bunch more, whenever a new batch of potatoes the chips take longer to cook resulting in disfigured, irregular shape, following it up with darkened parts and thickened texture. Even though they probably will have the same ingredients, the same amount of fats, carbs, and calories, kettle-cooked have a slight edge on account of the lower temperature of the oil.

3) Kettle-Cooked Carry A Better Flavor

Miss Vickie's Sea Salt Flavored Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
Supposed to leave you awe-struck with a mesmerizing flavor is your very tangy buddy from Miss Vicke’s every time you still down to munch them. A relishing treat to let your tongue crave for more, kettle-cooked chips are one of the greatest things to grace a party platter. Why be that disgruntled customer who whines over that imperfectly thick patie, and with no munch crunch to leave you digging for many of that sort? Why play hide and seek with such galvanic tastes and hypnotic flavors marinating the very sliced paper thin pieces fried to crisp fathomlessly?

Blasphemy? Not Really, Kettle-Cook Is The Way Forward

Miss Vickie's Smokehouse BBQ Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
Yes, it is blasphemous to not even think about regular potato chips when your munch time is round the corner! And why should we even? Perhaps, there exist better choices, even though the fact that you cannot argue one’s existence over the other when the two are compared on the basis of their ingredients, carb, fats and calorie levels! Kettle-cooked still have an edge, when the point of difference becomes the process under which they are cooked! Moreover, it would even sound a pretty insignificant bonus, on the pretext of belonging to the class of the normal potato chips, be it fried, kettle-cooked or just baked, what still matter is delivering great taste and health. So, the next time you couch in, sit with your reading glasses on and are about to switch on your lamp, think of those packed munches, and ask yourselves, why not kettle-cooked!
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