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Anothera 13.8 Gallons Coco Coir Brick for Plants- 6 Pack Premium 100% Organic Peat Moss Mix with Low EC & pH Balance, Fiber Coconut Husk for Planting, Gardening, Potting Soil Substrate(8.4 Pounds)

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Brand Anothera
Style Modern
Item Volume 2.3 Gallons

About this item

  • 【High-Capacity】Each Coconut Brick 1.4 pounds uses advanced compression technology can expand to 2.3 gallons or 9 quarts.
  • 【100% Real】 100% The natural fibers harvested from the coconut husk provide abundant oxygen to the plant roots, maintaining excellent water retention and aeration.
  • 【Security】All coconut bricks are heat treated to effectively remove all kings of harmful substances, ensuring healthy plant growth.
  • 【EASY To Use】: Each coconut brick will expand several times after adding moisture, please use a large container to replenish the moisture of the coconut brick. Coconut bricks have low natural plant nutrients and are recommended to be used together with nutrient soil.
  • 【Low EC, PH】This low EC, PH balanced biodegradable soil is made from crude fiber extracted from the husk on coconut husks, 100% natural organic, sustainable and eco-friendly, a traditional soil alternative, it can take your gardening and planting efforts to a new level