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Chili Oil Traditionally Squeezed in Japan, No Additives, 160 Years History, Artisanal Sesame Layu 3.5OZ(100G), Made in Japan,Sold by Japanese company 【YAMASAN】

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Sesame Oil, Chili Pepper
About this item
Flavor Canola,Chili,Sesame
Special Feature Raw
Liquid Volume 3.5 Fluid Ounces
Item Package Quantity 1

  • 【Long-established Sesame Chili Oil With 160 Years Of History】This sesame chili oil is carefully made by the craftsmen of a long-established Japanese oil refinery that boasts the tradition and technology that has been passed down for 160 years since its establishment. The fragrant aroma and umami of sesame and the spiciness of red pepper expand the deliciousness of various dishes.
  • 【Specialty Of Sesame Oil】The sesame used for the sesame chili oil varies in oil and moisture content depending on the time and place of harvest. Each time, our craftsmen check the condition of the raw materials and process them at the optimum timing.
  • 【Naturally Derived Umami And Spiciness】The raw materials are only sesame oil and red pepper. No other oils such as canola oil or spice extracts are used. Chili powder is added to special sesame oil and boiled for a long time. This sesame chili oil brings out the best of the ingredients, so you can enjoy the naturally-derived umami and spiciness.
  • 【Additive-free】Safe and secure Japanese sesame chili oil that does not use any sugars or food additives. Vegan, Non-GMO, Halal (not certified), Gluten Free, No MSG.
  • 【For Various Dishes】Use as a seasoning or add it to dipping sauces. Goes well with fried chicken, chicken tenders, stewed beef, dumplings, ramen, salads, stir-fried dishes, pizza, pasta, etc.