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Effie's Homemade Biscuits - Oatcakes - 12 Pack

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Flavor Oat
Brand Effie's Homemade
Specialty Natural
Package Information Pack
Package Weight 3.09 Kilograms

About this item

  • ORIGINAL OATCAKE: Crisp, buttery layers of toasted oats with a hint of salt. A classic tea biscuit. Delicious with jam, nut butter, or any cheese—from blue to brie.
  • BEHOLD THE BISCUIT: All of Effie's Homemade Biscuits are lightly sweet with a bright finish of salt. They're more refined than a cookie and more dynamic than a cracker.
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Every Effie's Biscuit is made with natural ingredients and real butter, and none of Effie's oats and/or oat products are treated with glyphosate.
  • INCREDIBLY VERSATILE: Not only are Effie's Homemade Biscuits great with all kinds of cheeses, jams, and toppings, they are a great substitute for any recipe that calls for a cookie or cracker crust.