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Hand-Woven Wicker Reed Placemats Coaster Set Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Heat Resistant Thai Style Durable Easy to Clean for Dining Table Set of 4 (Medium, Purple)

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Color: Purple
Material: Reed
Size: Medium
Brand: CCcollections
Shape: Rectangular

About this item

  • Eco-friendly alternative: Say goodbye to plastic placemats with our hand-woven wicker reed set. Heat resistant and easy to clean: Protect your table and wipe clean with ease.
  • Thai style craftsmanship: Made with skilled hands using sustainable materials for an elegant touch. Durable for everyday use: Perfect for both entertaining guests and everyday dining. Decorative lace elephant trim: Add a touch of sophistication to your dining table centerpiece or coffee table.
  • Medium placemats measure approximately 35cm by 25cm (14 x 10 inches), Large sizes which has same trim as medium but they measure 45cm long and 30cm wide (18 x 12 inches) Finally Luxury Large which a wider side trim Placemat measures approximately 45cm long and 30cm wide (18 x 12 inches).
  • Each set includes four placemats and four coasters, coasters measuring 10cm by 10cm (4 x 4 inches).
  • Ethically sourced and environmentally friendly: Support ethical craftsmanship and reduce plastic waste.
  • Stand out with unique interior decor: Ideal for upmarket restaurants or home kitchens with a desire for beauty and functionality.
  • Gold elephant lace detailing and vibrant silk trim: Enhance your table setting with intricate design and vibrant colors.