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Hatch Chile Co

Hatch Farms Fire-roasted Diced Green Chiles Mild - Pack of 3

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Hatch Green Chiles mild diced 4 ounce cans - pack of 3 This convenient size can is the perfect serving size so there are no leftovers and no waste! Great pantry staple to add to many dishes for an extra kick of flavor. Here are some ideas to add some green chile flavor to your dishes: Dips and Dressings - add to cream cheese, sour cream, Queso, salsa, mayo, salad dressings. Side Dishes - add to beans, rice, potatoes. Main Courses - smoother chicken, pork, or steak, add to pasta, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, sandwiches, fajitas, casseroles. Make a famous Hatch Green Chile Cheese Burger! The possibilities are endless.