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Minera Dead Sea Salt, 19 lbs. Fine. 100% Pure and Authentic.

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Brand Minera
Scent Unscented
Age Range (Description) Adult
Product Benefits Detox, muscle therapy, relaxing, rejuvenate, soothing, stress relief

About this item

  • A safe, natural alternative to treating skin conditions. Available in Fine (0-1.7 mm).
  • Dead Sea Salt’s unique mineral composition gives this salt its therapeutic qualities for skin care. While most sea salts are primarily Sodium Chloride; Dead Sea Salt is comprised of 21 beneficial minerals including: Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Bromide and Sulfur.
  • Dead Sea Salt is for BATH/SPA use only and is NOT a food-grade salt suitable for consumption.
  • Our Minera Dead Sea Salt is the same 100% pure, mineral-rich salt used in spas around the Dead Sea in Israel. Minera Dead Sea Salt has NOT been mineral depleted or blended with other salts as many “Dead Sea Salts” sold on the market today.