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Monin - Monin Syrup Summer Variety Pack, Fruit Flavored Syrup, Mango, Strawberry, Raspberry, & Watermelon Syrup, Simple Syrup for Margaritas, Lemonade, Cocktails, & More, Clean Label (1 Liter, 4-Pack)

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Brand Monin
Flavor Watermelon, Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango, Lemon
Unit Count 135.2 Fl Oz
Number of Items 4
Package Information Pack

  • GREAT FOR MOCKTAILS, COCKTAILS, LEMONADES, TEAS, AND SODAS: Monin's Summer Variety Pack syrups are delightfully sweet & refreshing. The full-bodied flavors in this syrup set will add a tasty splash of fruitiness to your favorite summer beverage.
  • TASTING NOTES: Our 4-flavor variety pack includes exotic & tropical flavors, a refreshing taste of aromatically fruity mixtures, & intense combinations of sweet tanginess. Our strawberry, mango, raspberry, & watermelon syrups are perfect for summer.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Allergen Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Kosher, No Artificial Sweeteners, Ingredients or Flavors, & Non-GMO
  • SYRUP TO SUPPORT BEE COLONIES: Colony Collapse Disorder is greatly reducing bee populations worldwide. Our syrup recycling initiative has been sending leftover syrup to feed bees since 2008, and has fed over 374 billion bees!
  • GREEN PACKAGING & LABELING: We use BPA-free bottles & 100% recyclable boxes made of 30% recycled content. Our products are printed with pollutant-free, water-based ink that is biodegradable, & pulp inserts to help us do our part for the environment.