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Natural Organic Perlite for Plants Potting Mix Indoor Outdoor Soil Amendment for Enhanced Drainage, Seed Starter, Root Growth and Soil Health (20QT)

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Brand: Rurtsva
Style: Garden,Potting Mix
Item Volume: 20 Quarts

About this item

  • Improved soil aeration and drainage: Perlite has a porous structure that prevents soil from compacting and provides excellent drainage. It also helps to retain water and food for growing plants.
  • Versatile growing medium: Perlite has versatile uses in gardening, including propagation of seedlings and cuttings, soil conditioning, hydroponics, roof deck gardens, and more. It is a lightweight substitute for sand and perfect for seed germination and cutting propagation.
  • Lightweight and durable: Perlite is a lightweight and highly durable material that does not weigh down roots and does not decompose over time.
  • Excellent for growing plants in containers: Perlite is particularly useful for plants grown in containers that don't like over-watering, such as cacti, succulents, and orchids. It helps soil retain moisture and nutrients while preventing root compaction.
  • Hydroponic applications: Perlite has numerous hydroponic applications and has been shown to improve crop yields while reducing over-watering and under-watering problems associated with other materials like rockwool.