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Organic Coco Coir by Coco Bliss - Compressed Coco Coir Brick with Low EC and pH Balance - High Expansion for Flowers, Herbs, and Planting - Renewable Coconut Soil (10lb Block)

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Brand Plantonix
Style Block,Coco Coir,Potting
Item Weight 10 Pounds
Item Volume 10 Liters

About this item

  • 🥥【Why Use Coconut Coir Pith?】- Coco Bliss is an environmentally friendly and sustainable growing medium that’s 100% natural, organic, and harvested from the bi-product of coconut production! Coco coir is ideal for ensuring low EC and pH levels when growing plants, seedlings, cuttings, and herbs in indoor and outdoor gardens!
  • 🌱【Premium Coco Coir Growing Medium】- Coco Bliss from Plantonix is the perfect way to add nutrients and moisture to gardening soil! Coconut Coir Pith helps retain water for longer, reduces soil compaction, and acts as a growing medium for microorganisms that break down organic matter!
  • 🪴【Improves Aeration and Soil Drainage!】- Coco Bliss is naturally light in texture, allowing it to create air pockets in soil, so plants can absorb more oxygen. Coco coir increases the permeability of the soil, which helps reduce plant stress from floods, dryness, or lack of moisture! Coco Bliss is also proven to help give your plants more resistance to root rot!
  • 💧【Saves Water and Helps the Environment!】- Coco coir helps with water retention and drainage, so your plants don’t need to be watered as frequently. All Plantonix Coco Bliss is eco-friendly and biodegradable, making it a great choice for sustainable gardening practices!
  • 👩‍🌾【Great for a HUGE Variety of Uses!】- Coconut coir pith is so much more than just a growing medium! Add it to reptile bedding, cat litter, compost, worm bedding, or as a mushroom substrate! Coco Bliss from Plantonix can also be used in place of peat moss, since it adds the same benefits at only a fraction of the cost!