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Pruvade Dental Bibs - 500 Pack Adult Disposable Bibs for Dentist, Eating, Tattooing - 13" x 18" 3-Ply Waterproof Medical Sheets for Piercing, Tattoo Table Station, Nail Techs, Patient Hygiene - White

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  • DISPOSABLE ADULT BIBS - Enhance cleanliness while eating and feeding with 13"x18" dental bibs. Suitable for senior living, nursing homes, and patient care. Attach with clips to hang from the neck, tuck into the neckline of a shirt, or use as a lap cover.
  • MEDICAL & DENTAL GRADE - Dental bibs disposable ready for dentist and orthodontist offices. These generously sized 13"x18" disposable bibs are perfect for kids, adults, and patients of all kinds, offering both effective coverage and roomy comfort.
  • WATER-RESISTANT & ABSORBENT - Absorbs body fluids, blood, and ink to keep the environment sanitary & hygienic. Poly film adds a water-resistant layer with horizontal embossing that helps prevent liquids and fluids from spreading onto clothing or surfaces.
  • STRONG & TEAR-RESISTANT - These dentist bibs are durably constructed from 2-ply tissue + 1-ply poly material that is soft to the touch yet incredibly strong and resistant to tearing and puncturing. High-absorbency dental bib traps any liquid spill at its origin.
  • RECOMMENDED TATTOO SUPPLIES - Recommended by tattoo parlors and professional piercing studios, these tattoo bibs make impressive tattoo tray table covers. Quickly soak up excess ink and prevent dark inks from seeping through and staining the workbench.